Revitalising the Lifeblood of London

Canals are a vital part of London’s industrial heritage and a rich source of urban biodiversity and community wellbeing. The priority of Urban Life will be to preserve the historic waterways that run past our units. We will be using our expertise to revive these incredible resources, improve access for the community, enhance water ecology and support canal heritage education. The preservation of London’s industrial past is part of our journey to a responsible industrial future.

* In collaboration with the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) and the Canals and Rivers Trust.

Preserving London’s
Industrial Heritage
Future Generation
Community Access

Bringing Canals Back to Life

Recent schemes include funding the Canals and Rivers Trust to remove fly tipped rubbish from the water and replanting the towpath. Our next initiatives include working with the OPDC and Canals and Rivers Trust in Park Royal and the Wandle Trust in Mitcham and Croydon to install floating ecosystems to improve water quality and attract more wildlife.

Outreach funding:

  • Pollution clean-up
  • Installing floating ecosystems to improve water quality
  • Towpath repair and landscaping
  • Wayfinding and signage

Shaping the Future of London

Urban Life will help resource expert educators to visit local schools and lead field trips in collaboration with the Canal & River Trust. We believe deepening an understanding of our industrial heritage and the importance of urban waterways in the next generation is key to shaping London’s future.

Outreach funding:

  • Support the Harlesden Sharks canoe club (in partnership with OPDC)
  • Sponsor educators in canal ecology and industrial heritage to work with local schools (in partnership with the Canals & Rivers Trust
  • Funding afterschool canoe lessons for Primary School students