27 November 2023


We are pleased to share the latest milestone at PR2 in Park Royal. Steel work has officially commenced on a cutting-edge 77,705 sq ft prime-industrial unit located on Abbey Road. Anticipated to be available in Q3 2024, PR2 is poised to redefine industrial excellence in London, providing direct access to millions of consumers.

Key Features of PR2:

* Structural Innovation: Boasting a 15-metre clear height, PR2 sets a new standard for industrial spaces, offering 25% more capacity than other warehouses in the area.

* Sustainable Powerhouse: Committed to sustainability, PR2 will incorporate maximum capacity PV solar panels and batteries. This forward-thinking approach not only aligns with sustainability values but also translates into significant cost savings of over £77,000 in operating expenses annually for occupiers.

* Fleet-Friendly Infrastructure: Keeping pace with the future of transportation, both units at PR2 will be equipped with 100% EV charge points for van fleets and cars. Additionally, charging stations for e-delivery bikes contribute to a comprehensive solution for sustainable last-mile logistics.

* Environmental Stewardship: Embracing rainwater harvesting technology as standard, PR2 facilitates responsible water usage, allowing occupiers to seamlessly transition toward a carbon-neutral future.

By choosing PR2, occupiers not only gain access to a strategically located industrial unit but also contribute to a sustainable and resilient business ecosystem. This development reflects our commitment to integrating modern infrastructure with sustainable practices, setting a precedent for the future of industrial spaces in London.

For more information about GLi’s sustainable portfolio, please click here.