3 June 2024

Championing ‘Project Kingfisher’ in Merton

GLi is delighted to share this short film on our sponsorship of ‘Project Kingfisher’, a South East Rivers Trust initiative which organises education field trips to local urban waterways.

As part of our Urban Life social outreach we’ve joined forces with Project Kingfisher to champion school field trips in Merton, close to our Mitcham development, that offer children an immersive, hands-on experience with the river. Our film shares the experience of local children who, through these sessions, are encouraged to explore not only the riverbank’s visible features but also the world thriving beneath the water’s surface. Through these river dipping activities, children get the opportunity to explore their local area.

Polly Penn, Head of Working with Communities at the South East Rivers Trust, said: “We are delighted that GLi has decided to support our education programme. Support by businesses such as GLi is vital in helping us to inspire children by connecting them to rivers. Our aim is that every primary school child should experience the fun of outdoor learning. This helps young people not only learn the importance of protecting water but helps them develop fantastic personal skills. Studies show that children who learn outdoors develop confidence in diplomacy, negotiation and social skills which in turn will help them prepare as adults for the challenges we face from climate change. We are delighted that Gli wishes to share in our vision.”

London’s canals and rivers, once a vital part of the city’s industrial heritage, now serve as vital sanctuaries for urban biodiversity and community well-being. Recognising their pivotal role, Urban Life advocates for the preservation and revitalisation of these historic waterways. Our commitment extends to supporting initiatives that improve access for the community, enhance water ecology and support canal and river heritage education, enriching the lives of those around our industrial units.

We are pleased to support Project Kingfisher’s work in Merton, ahead of our Mitcham Park development in the area, set to begin later this year. For more information about Urban Life, please click here. To learn about the excellent work of Project Kingfisher or to get your business involved, please visit: https://www.southeastriverstrust.org/education/